The Energy of Love

The energy of love has the capacity to heal our
bodies when conditions are appropriate. On the physical
level, because of the prevailing positive mental
state, physical illnesses often resolve themselves. Some
diseases automatically heal without any particular
attention being paid to them, and those that still
remain usually respond to consciousness techniques.
Persistent illnesses that are unresponsive to treatment
are viewed as karmically, symbolically, or spiritually
significant. Overall, there is a decreasing awareness of
the body, which now goes about its business and
seems to take care of itself on its own. We are no
longer identified as a body. There is a loss of interest
in dealing with health matters on a purely physical
level, and there are times when awareness of the body
disappears altogether, unless we focus on it for some
particular reason.

from Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, pg. 177

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