The Surrendered Life

The State of Inner Freedom

What does life become when one continuously surrenders? What is possible?

In the surrendered state, we are independent of the outer world as a source of satisfaction because the source of happiness has been found within us. Happiness is shared with others so that, in relationships, the surrendered person is supportive, sympathetic, encouraging, patient, and tolerant. There is an effortless appreciation of the worth and values of others and a consideration for their feelings. Power struggles, being “right,” and proving our point have been relinquished. There is an automatic nonjudgmental attitude and the supporting of others to grow, learn, experience, and fulfill their potentialities. There is an easy-going, nurturing acceptance of others. We fell relaxed, vibrant, and full of energy. Life events flow automatically and effortlessly. We no longer respond from a motive of sacrifice or “giving up” something for others; instead, we see ourselves as being of loving service to others and the world. Life events are seen as opportunities rather than challenges. The personality is gentle and open with a willingness to let go and surrender nonstop because of the unfolding and ongoing inner process of continuous revelation.

from Letting Go, ch. 17, pg. 253-254

5 thoughts on “The Surrendered Life”

  1. Yes, I have followed Dr. Hawkins teachings for many years and that gave me the courage to follow my heart and passion to let go in deep surrender to what ever came up. I stumbled into a kundalini awakening and was very lost and my only guide was the love and trust I knew and felt from Doc. I can attest to the truth of the above passages as that is my experience now. Thank you to Dr. And Susan Hawkins for sending out these precious teachings. Sincerely.

  2. One of my favorite passages! I actually printed the whole section a few years back and I read it frequently as a reminder of my life intention. Surrender!

  3. David’s wisdom continues to inspire all who take the trouble to read and
    digest these passages. Thank you Susan for posting these each week they
    are so profound and inspirational.

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