The Straightest Way to Enlightenment

“The straightest way to enlightenment is through devoted introspection, meditation, and contemplation of the inner workings of the ego so as to understand consciousness. The process is energized by intention, dedication, and devotion, and the total effort is supported by spiritual inspiration. The dedication is focused on the process itself as a surrender to God. The focus needs to be intense, and it is energized by fixity and deliberateness of intention. The process is one of discovery and becomes progressively self-revealing.

Every period of focus and practice is equally valuable. Eventually, the tool of ‘one-pointedness of mind’ becomes perfected, which in itself is quite an accomplishment that requires devotion to the task. The devotion becomes self-fulfilling and rewarding.

… Under ordinary life circumstances, the automatic functioning of the ego/mind is taken for granted and not subject to scrutiny. The very process of studying the mind already begins to diminish the ego’s grip. The sense of self begins to shift locus, and the feeling of one’s inner ‘I’ begins to progress through the layers of consciousness.”

from I: Reality and Subjectivity p. 291-292

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