We don’t have to figure it out

It will be helpful if one can accept the fact that one does not have to do anything about external events or even figure them out. A person cannot make any progress by looking at the thoughts because they are endless. One is not going to make much headway in handling the problem by looking at the specific emotion, but there will be a very profound effect if one allows oneself to focus on the energy below the upset. As one catches the experience earlier and earlier, one will notice that the energy is diffuse and almost nameless. It is like a container of pressurized gas that is seeking release. Its energy has been accumulating for a lifetime, and now it has a way out. The event that has happened in life has opened the sluices, the gates, the doorway, and now this container of compressed, suppressed emotional energy is using this opportunity to escape. Once the barn door is open, all the animals run out.

How can one get out of the way of the running animals? One cannot; however, the experience can be cut through quickly by accepting the fact that one cannot escape it. To try to escape will only prolong it. The mind will try to figure out ways to escape the emotional energy as though that will reduce the pain; however, the pain actually comes from resisting the experience. To handle this, one just sits down and lets go of resisting it, choosing instead to be with it. The faster one opens it up, the faster the energy is let out, and the quicker the experience will be over. The whole thing can be released instead of allowing it to drag out endlessly, agonizingly, through hours, days, weeks, months, years, or even a whole lifetime.

from “Healing and Recovery”  Handling Major Crises pg 238-239

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