Discover the Inner Self

Through inner observation, there is the realization of something that remains constant and the same, no matter what goes on in the external world or with the body, emotions, or mind. With this awareness comes a state of total freedom. The inner Self has been discovered. The silent state of Awareness that underlies all movement, activity, sound, feeling, and thought is discovered to be a timeless dimension of peace. Once identified with this Awareness, we are no longer at the effect of the world, the body, or the mind, and with this Awareness come an inner calmness, stillness, and a profound sense of inner peace.

from Letting Go, ch. 17, pg. 254-255

7 thoughts on “Discover the Inner Self”

  1. Thank you Susan, appreciate all you and Doc have done for the planet and the rest of us here. Sending Love Peace and Joy

  2. Veritas Staff truly have a remarkable way of sending just the right message at just the right time for your readers (we, at least me, anyway) to contemplate on.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Identifying as awareness has happened recently, after reading all of Dr. Hawkins books 3 times, listening to many cds, watching most of the videos, attending weekly meetings and online groups, attending 2 of his lectures, and experiencing out several emotional catastrophes. Identifying as awareness has many benefits, as mentioned, but it is just the beginning.
    Thank you Teacher and thank you Susan.

  4. To Susan and the Veritas Staff –
    Just a word about today’s contemplation…GREAT!
    God Bless you all. Stay safe and well.
    Warmly, Phil B

  5. The more often I reread the various parts of David’s books the closer I feel to the Presence Of God in me.
    Thank you for these weekly reflections. They nourish my Soul.

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