Turn Lemons into Lemonade

“Everybody has their quirks. So easygoing-ness of course is an ideal which most of us find difficult to be that way all the time. So, some of these qualities, the value they have to us is they act like pointers. When something throws you out of easygoing-ness, that’s something in your self. So, all these things are valuable. Therefore, you take what you consider, from a spiritual viewpoint, a negative and you turn it into a positive. It’s like a light going on “Look here” “Look here” “Look here”… So, when you’re not easy going, when you’re not thoughtful, when you’re not tolerant, when you’re not calm, etc. then that is pulling up something that you gotta clear.

And how do you clear it. You clear it by looking within yourself and finding it there, owning it, forgiving yourself for it, because everyone is a fallible human being. So the kindness that you show to yourself, the willingness to forgive yourself, then transfers into willingness to forgive others out there.

So, instead of feeling guilt about the negative, what you do is ya turn lemons into lemonade.”

from “Emotions & Sensations” April 2004 dvd

4 thoughts on “Turn Lemons into Lemonade”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Susan! Similarly from “Healing and Recovery” (2009), Chapter 2: Assisting Healing, pp. 60-61:

    “That brings us to compassion because we now see how we picked up programs as we grew up in youth or adolescence. For example, we do not want to admit that we have negative thoughts, feelings, or even fear or that we have desires or feelings of loss, regret, or hopelessness. These are not acceptable. The self-hatred and guilt then accumulate from the constant rejection of our own humanness. As a result, we have to move to a better, healing way of being with ourselves. It is easy to do by merely choosing to be compassionate and forgiving.

    The decision came to me to be that way about myself, the same as I was about others, because if I am that way about myself, then automatically I am that way about others. That which I forgive in others, I automatically forgive in myself because all I see out there is myself projected into the world.

    With the undoing of all this negativity and the replacement of the low negative energies by a positive energy, we begin to experience the world, ourselves, and our relationship to life in a different way. We begin to experience an inner joyfulness as a result of our willingness to let go of condemning ourselves and others. This then becomes a habit and the way we are in the world. Intention to be a source of healing to ourselves and others sets up a context.

    What does context mean? Intention sets up the context. Our intention to be this kind of person then sets up the whole energy of our consciousness and aligns it so that we begin to see things that way. In other words, there is an actual alteration of perception. We literally begin to see the world through forgiving, healing, and compassionate eyes. We are not talking about sympathy, which is in the lower energy fields; we are talking about a lovingness as an inner decision to be that kind of human being towards ourselves and others. There is the willingness to let go of being critical, along with our moralizing ‘right and wrong’ attitude that occurs when we polarize ourselves with others by saying, “My position is right and your position is wrong.”

  2. Since I discovered the teachings of Dr. Hawkins, there has not been a day without me reading some excerpts of his books or listening to his talks on Audible. He changed my life entirely from the way I view things to the way I choose to follow my spiritual path. I will always be grateful to have found my “external guru”. Thank you Susan for sharing amazing stuff with us!

  3. Not a day goes by where I don’t hear a bit of the lovely Satsangs. Your work has been a light during these times.
    I am currently seeing that spiritual pride is being held in mind has a tool to fight the old belief that i’ll be abandoned if I don’t “wow” others with my spiritual ego.
    To forgive my humanness. I can only do it with God.

    Thank you Susan and David.

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