Everything Is Perfect As It Is

In the state of acceptance, there is the feeling that nothing needs to be changed. Everything is perfect and beautiful the way it is. The world is to be enjoyed. There is compassion for others and for all living things. In this state we are automatically nurturing and supportive of others without any feeling of sacrifice. Because of the inner security and feeling of abun­dance, there is generosity and ease of giving, with no expectation of return or record keeping, such as, “Here’s what I am doing for you.” Whenever are in a state of acceptance, we love our friends instead of being critical, and we are willing to love them in spite of their limitations, which we willingly overlook.

from Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender pg. 165

2 thoughts on “Everything Is Perfect As It Is”

  1. Once again I am grateful to have found these teachings. I was listening to something similar to this from one of the audio teachings last night. Dr Hawkins said something like the world is a perfect place for the evolution of human consciousness. For me, to let that teaching live in the world, show me it is a time for massive opportunity for anyone seeking to grow right now! Acceptance is one of the key perspectives that opens the door to happiness.

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