The Source of Happiness

Q: “What is the most useful information to know? Is there a major key understanding?

A: Resistance subsides when there is a clear understanding that what is being surrendered is not of intrinsic value but is instead imagined to be of value solely because of the juice or payoff the ego extracts from that position. The principle of willingness need only be applied to the ego’s payoff and not to the object or condition desired.

One can ask oneself the question, Is this worth giving up God for? Thus, ego positionality has a price, which is where the willingness should be addressed. Each positionality is based on the presumption that its fulfillment will bring happiness. Thus, nothing is really valued aside from the illusion that it will bring that about…

Q: What is the critical central focus of the ego, i.e., its critical factor?

A: The ego is focused on one point, the experiencer, which is programmed to seek pleasure and survival through gain. It views happiness as something one acquires, possesses, and incorporates. Therefore, the experiencer is programmed to ‘get’. The experiencer’s function is to get pleasure and possess it. It is not concerned with the soul unless it fortuitously becomes spiritually oriented. Then its goals shift, and it discovers that the source of pleasure is completely within. When it is discovered that the source of ongoing pleasure is the Self, and not the self, the result is independence from the world. Gratification of the ego’s desires is within the linear domain. True happiness arises from the nonlinear. With relinquishment of dependence on the experiencer for pleasure and happiness, one discovers that the source of happiness is one’s own existence, and the realization of the Self is happiness itself.”

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