The World is Amorphous

Q: Is a given event an opportunity, or is it a temptation?

A: From the view of consciousness itself, one might say that the world is really amorphous, and that all meaning is a derivation of projected value, perceptual interpretation, and mentation. If the predominant lesson that is arising at a certain level of consciousness is nonattachment to success, desire, or pleasure, the temptations of the world could be refused. Also, a surrender of positionalities might result in deciding to actually surrender the world to God. A person in a similar situation might see a worldly event as a call for selfless service. Another might view it as a call for taking an integrous stand or, on the contrary, refusing to take any position and may be seeing it as a reflection of perception and any decision as a vanity of egoism.

There is no point to jumping in to ‘save the world’ when the perceived world is merely an illusion of projected values, presumptions, and interpretations. The integrous student chooses what appears to be the highest, and to evolve spiritually is actually the greatest gift one can give the world. This is done by virtue of what one is and not just by what one does. The truly great have come and gone, and what they left behind was the consequence of what they were and had become.

From Discovery of the Presence of God, ch. 6, pg. 162-163

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