The Greatest Gift

Q: So what can the spiritual seeker do to be of help to society?

A: To endeavor to evolve spiritually is the greatest gift one can give. It actually uplifts all mankind from within because of the nature of power itself. Power radiates and is shared, whereas force is limited, self-defeating, and evanescent. All society is subliminally and subtly influenced by every kind and loving thought, word, or deed. Every forgiveness is a benefit to everyone. The universe notes and records every action and returns it in kind. Karma is actually the very nature of the universe because of the innate structure and function of the universe itself. In the universe time is measured in eons. Beyond that, it does not even exist at all. Every kindness is therefore forever.

From:  “The Eye of the I: From Which Nothing is Hidden” (2002), Chapter 13: “Explanations”, pp. 203–204

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