All Pain is Due to Resistance

A spiritually-oriented person values all of life’s experiences and sees each one as an opportunity to evolve spiritually. The technique of processing out involves very simple steps that all depend on willingness and the capacity to surrender.

Stay with the feeling and stay focused on it unswervingly. Realize that all pain is due to resistance. The suffering of loss stems from the attachment and specialness.

Be willing to become immersed in and surrender to the feelings without avoiding them. Notice that they come in waves and that surrendering to the most intense waves tends to decrease their emotional severity.

Ask God’s help and surrender the personal will to God.

… Be willing to endure and suffer out the process. If not resisted, it will process itself out and come to an end.

… A helpful source of strength during the processing out of painful emotions is to identify with all of humanity and realize that suffering is universal and innate to the phenomenon of being human and the evolution of the ego.”

From Transcending the Levels of Consciousness p. 98-99

5 thoughts on “All Pain is Due to Resistance”

  1. So wonderful to see that you have carried on Davids teachings. He has made this world a better place with his teachings and lectures! I would have loved to have met him In This life time , but I’ll see him on the other side.
    Best wishes?

  2. How true this is. A true gift of immeasurable value in this lifetime that has eradicated so much of my imaginary suffering. Peace and Love to you all…

  3. Hello:
    Just found Dr David Hawkins.
    Can you please tell me what year The Map of Consciousness was published?
    Ty, in advance
    All the very best

  4. Thank you, Susan, for carrying on with Dr. Hawkins work. He, and you, are a blessing to the World, especially during these very tumultuous times..God bless !

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