Human Life is a Major Spiritual Opportunity

Q: As a spiritual person, what is our responsibility in relation to world events?

A: This depends on one’s current prevailing level of consciousness.  Confusion arises from mixing the levels.  To act according to the spiritual principles of mercy, forgiveness, love, and compassion applies at all levels, of course, but how these are interpreted and what they are understood to signify regarding action depends on perception and degree of spiritual maturity.

Earthly life affords maximum karmic opportunity to not only acquire ‘good’ karma but undo negative karma.  For example, whole populations and groups have accumulated both positive and negative spiritual consequences as the result of barbaric savagery, just as they do in today’s headlines.  Thus, there are spiritual ‘debts’ as well as benefits.

…Human life is a major spiritual opportunity for consciousness to evolve and even reach Enlightenment.  It is an expression of the gift of life, through which one can eventually realize the Self.  Worldly temporal life is transitory and brief, but its consequences are very long term.  It is therefore best to treasure the opportunity with gratitude.  Spiritual endeavor is, in and of itself, an expression of appreciation for that gift of life.

From Discovery of the Presence of God, ch. 10, pg. 160 & 161

7 thoughts on “Human Life is a Major Spiritual Opportunity”

  1. Well said. I agree completely. Too many people are unconscious and full of hate. I guess that means they are young souls?

  2. Susan, even though Doc has been “gone” for seemingly quite a long time now, I want you to know that each time I see his image in your emails, it warms my soul….

  3. Thank you so much. What wonderful reminder of who we are and what we can offer with our focus on living closer to our spiritual goodness.

  4. Dear Susan, Thank you so much for keeping David’s work alive. I believe
    his presence is very close to you.

    Kind Regards John

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