You Are Worthy of the Quest

Start with the certainty that if you are spiritually oriented you will make progress. Start, therefore, with a feeling of security. Instead of insecurity or self-doubt, tell yourself that anyone who wants to evolve spiritually will receive the necessary assistance and his success is guaranteed by God, which is another name for his own Higher Power. Get rid of self-doubt, any idea that you are not worth it, or you are not capable of it, or that it is not the right time in your life. It is always the right time in your life. Accept without reservation that you are worthy of the quest. Be resolved to totally surrender to the truth about God and that your spiritual evolution is aligned with His will for you.

… This is devotion, dedication and the way of the heart.”

From Book of Slides (Slide 226) p. 463

3 thoughts on “You Are Worthy of the Quest”

  1. To read this confirms my certainty that it is All in God’s hands. Anytime I call upon him, he responds in ways bigger than I could have imagined. Thank you Susan for continuing to be a beacon of hope for us all. So much Gratitude..

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