Keeping One’s Own Counsel

Spiritual views are not very popular in society in general.  It is not necessary to impose one’s views on others.  Proselytizing is best done by example rather than by coercion and lapel grabbing.  We influence others by what we are rather than by what we say or have.  To express views that are contrary to public opinion may be sociologically praiseworthy but to do so leads to conflict and enmeshment in the arguments and discord in the world.  The pursuit of ‘causes’ is the role of the social and political reformer, which is an activity different from that of the seeker of enlightenment.  Praiseworthy endeavors can be seen as deserving of sympathetic support, but they are also perceptually defined positionalities with intrinsic limitations and agendas.  Embroilment in the issues of society is a luxury that the seeker of spiritual enlightenment needs to forego.

… The calling of the private-life aspirant is more socially humble but equally important and of service to the whole of mankind.  The social saint uplifts by external action and example.  The devotee uplifts by internal progression.  Every increase in the level of consciousness affects the consciousness of all mankind in a manner that is unsung but discernible and demonstrable by spiritual research.  The calibrated level of the consciousness of mankind is a composite resultant of everyone’s stage of evolution, and the higher calibrated levels are immensely more powerful than the negative ones.

From The Eye of the I, ch. 5, pg. 104-105

11 thoughts on “Keeping One’s Own Counsel”

  1. We were just talking of the issues noted in paragraph one in our study group. One of the many blessings I continue to receive from these teachings is … the answer to my questions always seem to appear like this. In the past I would have an issue that came up and I would listen to a lecture and almost immediately my question was answered. Thank you for making these quotes and teachings available, they continue to enrich my experience in this world.

    1. Thank you again – perfect reminder for me as I reread this this morning. xx

      Hello Kelly, if possible, I would LOVE to join your discussion group (even from far – UK).
      Agape Love and Blessings,
      Grace xx

  2. Very timely for me as well. The weekly Newsletter is a huge contributor in guiding my personal evolution. Thank You.

  3. “The Eye of the I” has truly been an eye opener. I’ve been reading it along with Bart Ehrman’s “Heaven and Hell, A History of the Afterlife.” I am amazed how the research of a religious historian and a spiritual intuitive can be so compatible and yet both authors achieve completely opposite conclusions.

  4. Yes, timely given that I live in Portland where we have had 61 days of protests and riots, so far.
    In the past I would have been down there. Now, in this Now, I am holding the intentions as David suggests here, and watching how challenging that can be.


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