Social Matrix: Information/Disinformation

The technique of purposely presenting propagandized falsehood has been progressively and professionally refined. One strategy calls for first intentionally creating shock by a purposefully extreme statement, subsequent to which the public will be less likely to protest the false program, which is the propagandized rhetoric that has been carefully prepared and then sold via the media to the public by perpetrators who seek control. Another favorite ruse is ‘salting the mine’ with fallacious statements to be later quoted. The ‘straw man’ attack is also common.

The current media barrage, as would be expected, calibrates at only 160, which represents fallacy as a consequence of prevalent philosophical systems that declare all truth to be merely arbitrary, subjective bias. Inasmuch as there is supposedly no such thing as objective truth, distorted and biased subjective value judgments are purported to be of equal merit. These then often become memes (slogans) that convince listeners of their purported truth by sheer repetition…The net result of the above programming is an actual diminution in the human capacity and capability for reality testing. Thus, there is the actual destruction of the very ability to discern truth from falsehood at even the most basic levels.

The rationalization for moral anarchy is termed ‘ethical relativism’ (cal. 155) by which good and evil become equated. By epistemological slight-of-hand, however, this reversal of good and evil itself is viewed as ‘good’, and traditional ethics then become a ‘bad’. Fallacy is fashionable but its calibration at 155 indicates a more serious violation of truth than does philosophical relativism (cal.190), which is operationally primarily intellectual error.

From Reality, Spirituality and Modern Man pg. 202-3

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  1. It is because of years and years of listening to Docs teachings and calibrations that aid in my understanding of today’s events. I am neither shocked nor baffled at anything I am currently experiencing in this time in my souls existence on this planet. Distorted Hermeneutics of Relativistic Epistemology. Love that one! I give Eternal Thanks to Thee o’Lord for the Gift of Doc and Susan!! Gloria in Excelsis Deo!!!

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