The Freedom of Choice

Choices determine consequences, which is a mechanism that is really impersonal and operates automatically because energy fields are invited in as a consequence of choice.  The individual, as a consequence of choices, is like an iron filing whose position in the field is the direct consequence of its own decisions.  To accept this reality is simultaneously uplifting and freeing.  At the same time, it is frightening and brings about some degree of consternation.  Therefore, the only true freedom in the universe is the freedom of choice, which is the gift received by mankind.  One then realizes that there is no hand on the tiller but one’s own and that “I myself am heaven and hell” (cal. 700+). The acceptance of this overall truth brings the strength of resolve instead of futile wishing.

What really frightens people about spiritual reality is that it confronts one with the reality that their destiny is solely within the power of their own hands.  Heaven, like hell, is the result and consequence of one’s own choices; therefore, the key to freedom is by the grace of the given karmic inheritance of all mankind by Divine ordinance.

From Truth vs Falsehood, ch.13, pg. 253-254

3 thoughts on “The Freedom of Choice”

  1. Thank you Susan
    I’ve experienced first hand the truth that, “ I myself am heaven and hell.“
    It’s a new discovery therefore learning how to steer the tiller in the direction of love always!

  2. Thank You Susan.I am currently
    in a hellish scenario that I alone put myself in. I can’t blame anyone but myself..(believe me I wish I somehow could) I will continue to ask God for guidance and love.Thank You and God Bless You.

    Roger Parmigiane

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