The Essence of the Spiritual Quest

Q: What is the essence of the spiritual quest?

A: The spiritual quest could be simplified as the task of transcending the limitations of linear, sequential duality created by perception so as to reveal Reality, which is unlimited and nonlinear and therefore nondual.

On a calibrated scale of consciousness, we can see that the weakest levels below 200 have to rely on force as a substitute for power.  As one gets closer to Reality, the power increases exponentially at a rapid logarithmic rate.  The 400s denote the realm of the highest development of the Newtonian paradigm and indicate mastery of the physical domain.  The world of science is unsurpassed in its capacity to comprehend and manipulate the world of materiality.  Science gets us to the moon, but only man’s consciousness gives the feat meaning or significance.  Likewise, joy does not come from figures or statistics but from what they mean.

From Eye of the I From Which Nothing Is Hidden, Ch 17, pg. 286-7

3 thoughts on “The Essence of the Spiritual Quest”

  1. A very cool quote and particularly important for many to consider now. It outlines the very point which science now finds itself. We find ourselves increasingly capable to manipulate and measure matter but don’t know the why. Why we do it? the purpose and how those feelings we get and context they give come into being or awareness.

  2. In contemplating the above, it is apparent to this student that the mind has taken this one as far as it can and a higher truth is alive within my heart. I place my full trust and love in Doc’s loving guidance. Thank you to everyone who has help facilitate the continuation of this most important teaching.

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