No Mind

Q: What is the state of “no mind” like?

A: Initially, the awakening into a whole new realm is overwhelming. What is left of the former self is stunned by the massive revelation and the magnificence of the condition. Everything is brilliantly alive, and all is One and startlingly, massively divine. There is, however, also an infinite stillness and peace, a profound sense of having at last returned to one’s real home. No fear is possible. What one really is, is beyond all form and always was beyond all time and space. These realities are self-evident. All thoughts, ideas, and mentations stop and the stillness is everywhere present, all-pervading.

The Self is realized to be now everywhere instead of localized. All human activities and attitudes have ceased. There is no desire for anything. All is known and equally present so there is nothing left to know or know about. All questions are answered so there are none to ask. There is nothing to think about nor would there be a purpose to thinking. All feeling disappears and is replaced by absolute peace.

From The Eye of the I p. 247-248

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