No Greater Calling…

Spiritual Evolution is a lifetime commitment and a way of life by which the world and all experience subserves spiritual intention.  There is no greater calling than to choose to be a servant of God.  With spiritual progress, each increment is of equal importance for, analogously, it is only by the removal of a single brick that an entire wall collapses.  And the seemingly  impossible becomes possible.

Sooner or later, the seemingly miraculous  may begin to appear spontaneously.  It is important to recognize that the phenomena are not of one’s own doing or of the personal self, and that they do not represent some magical ‘power’.  Miraculous events are merely the actualization of potentiality that appears when conditions are appropriate.  One of those conditions is the presence of the energy of a high level of consciousness.  From an even more advanced level of consciousness, it becomes apparent that all phenomena are actually occurring spontaneously as a consequence of the evolution of the universe itself, and therefore not only is life perfect at any moment, but it is also a continuous revelation in which one is a participant/observer.

From Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man, ch. 19, pg. 350 – 351

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