See Yourself as a ‘What’

To accept the inner core of one’s existence as a self-existent reality requires letting go of any definitions of self as a ‘who’ and, instead, seeing oneself as a ‘what’.
The evolution of consciousness is one’s karmic inheritance because it is a quality innate to human consciousness itself. Courage arises from commitment and integrity of alignment and dedication. A valuable characteristic of dedication is felicity, which eventually becomes empowered as a quiet but persistent inner fervor. The value of watchful witnessing is that even just awareness of an ego defect tends to undo it…. Each step, no matter how seemingly small, is equally valuable.
Q: How can meditation persist in one’s daily existence? 
A: By merely constantly posing the question to oneself of ‘what’s’ doing the acting, talking, feeling, thinking, or observing? This is a focus of attention with no languagingThe spiritual teacher Ramana Maharshi called that process ‘self-inquiry’, which he recommended as a technique that was suitable at all times in all activities.
From The Eye of the I p. 247

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