A Workable Goal

Q: What is a workable goal?

A: To verify spiritual truth experientially and to become it rather than just conform to it. The process is an unfolding of discovery resulting in greater happiness and diminution of fear, guilt, and other negative emotions. The motive is inner development, evolution, and fulfillment of potential, which is independent of the external world. Life becomes progressive rather than just repetitive. All experience is of equal value and innately pleasurable so that life stops being an endless sequence of alternating pleasure and displeasure. With inner progress, context expands, resulting in greater awareness of significance and meaning, and, therefore, gratification of potential.

Q: Inner spiritual work seems to require discipline and endeavor.

A: These requirements are activated by intention. There is an innate gratification in spiritual growth and the evolution of consciousness itself. Progress is the consequence of clarification and greater understanding that arise from the expansion of context. Recontextualization then results in transcending the distortions of perception.

From: “Discovery of the Presence of God” (2006), Chapter 2: The Inner Path, pp. 56–57


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  1. I have set the following intention for myself: “I intend to be a Presence of Light and Love as I easily and effortlessly manifest my Calling”. – My Calling is to share my understanding of life in a human body on planet earth.

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