A Way of Being in the World

Inner satisfaction becomes more important than worldly gain or the desire to control or influence others. Attraction replaces promotion. Eventually, resistances are no longer related to worldly life and its perceived values. Instead, the inner intention is one of purity and selflessness. Thus, evolution becomes the consequence of the process itself rather than as a consequence of seekingness or acquisition.

With spiritual evolution, nurturance is no longer sought from the narcissistic ego but instead from the Self. Fulfillment of potential is rewarding in and of itself and is not needful of recognition or gain. Pleasure at gain is replaced by gratitude for the unfolding of the inner process itself. The need for externals disappears spontaneously. The evolutionary process requires less and less effort as it becomes a way of being in the world.

From  Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality, p. 100-101

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