The Light of the Self

Q: By nonpositionality, the sense of self moves out of the ‘movie’ of content and withdraws from its identification with it. It still recognizes form because of the awareness of the observer. How, then, does one transcend identification with the observer?

A: The ascent of the sense of self progresses through the layers of perception to awareness to the realization that consciousness itself is the screen upon which everything is reflected. It is the innate primordial substrate that illuminates the faculty of awareness/witnessing/observing. It is seen as an impersonal, automatic capacity that is ever present and not subject to editing or volitional alteration. It is the formless faculty that just ‘is’ on its own. It is unaltered by experience or concepts.

Like the surface of the pond, it reflects but is unaffected by that which is reflected. The surface of the pond makes no selection. When the intrusion of thoughts, positionalities, and opinions stops disturbing the surface, it reflects impartially. The surface does not act nor does it have purposes or goals. It exhibits no favoritism or oppositions. The reflecting surface does not edit or distort but is always silent and peaceful. It cannot suffer loss or profit from gain. It is the reflecting Light of the Self.

From I: Reality and Subjectivity p. 300-302

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