The Soul

Throughout eons, consciousness has evolved as the ‘soul’. It reincarnates in a successive series of lifetimes, physical or otherwise, which are recorded in the awareness level of consciousness as karma. The interaction of the karmic patterns with the totality of the universe is expressed as the details of an identified lifetime. … As the consciousness of the soul evolves, it eventually seeks to identify and reunite with its true source.

… Although the  ego identifies with the linearity of form and time, its source of life stems from the nonlinear. This is intuited as an ephemeral, intangible, indefinable reality or ultimate Source. 

… the fallacious beliefs easily held sway over the majority of mankind. The god of wrath and destruction seemed believable. Throughout these centuries, only a few enlightened mystics were able to fully comprehend the real nature of God.”

From I: Reality and Subjectivity p.373-375   

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