All Is God

Q: There are contrasting terms and concepts, such as form versus formless, unmanifest versus manifest,  linear versus nonlinear, and duality versus nonduality. How can these be resolved?

A: The resolution is by means of the awareness of the nature of thought.  Perception itself is an illusion; it is like a mirror looking back at a mirror that is looking at a mirror reflecting a mirror.  There are contrasting terms and concepts.  God is both immanent and transcendent, both form and formless, both duality and nonduality, both manifest and unmanifest, both linear and nonlinear.  All is God.

From The Eye of the I: ch. 17, pg. 341-342

4 thoughts on “All Is God”

  1. I love how this beautiful body of work from the Hawkins team opened the door for Quantum theory in so many ways! I read the beautifully written words there to represent the theories of super position.

    This statement also aligns me with the beautiful understanding of -depends on your perspective on the mountain. “All is God” because of the perspective that includes all is God.

    Thank you for this wonderful post!

  2. Once at a church decades ago, I was asked by a lay official in the church whether I felt that God was imminant or transcendent. They indicated it could not be both, but I noted it is both–I just knew it within. That and for some other reasons told me that it was time to leave said church, and I did so, very respectfully.
    Began a study group of Doc’s works here that lasted over seven years. Met Doc and Susan in 2010 at a conference wherein my husband and I attended two of Doc’s lectures. Still listen to his words on audible most nights and reread his books, or use them as references.
    Love this post from the Eye of the I–my favorite of his books, and of course, his and Susan’s work. Thank you both immeasureably.

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