Everyone is familiar with resolutions that quickly fail, and changes of behavior turn out to be easier to formulate than to implement.

… Unaided, the mind is too weak and ineffective to bring about major change…

Hopelessness, suffering, and pain, however, may be the final straw that breaks the ego’s back, and in despair, the person invokes the only possible last source of power itself by turning to God, Divinity, and the spiritual domain by whatever name it may be addressed, a “power greater than myself,” and to which surrender accesses a whole new dimension…

The key element to the empowerment of the Will is consent. … The intention then intensifies the emergence of potentiality into experiential existential reality. This is also the mechanism described at length in the famous A Course in Miracles (1975). It is also the critical first step in Alcoholics Anonymous and other faith-based groups that admit, “without God’s help, we were hopeless and helpless” (Alcoholics Anonymous, 2000).

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