Love as a Way of Being

By consciousness level 500, Love is dominant as a persistent positive emotion and an influence in society, as well as a contributor to the elevation of the overall collective consciousness of mankind.  To continue to advance requires surrendering the limitations of conditional love to unconditionality.  This necessitates surrendering love as a positive attachment so that it can become an overall contextualization and potentiality to align life as a way of being in the world rather than as an exclusive emotion between separates.  As a result, love becomes not a quantitative emotion but an expression of essence whereby loving becomes lovingness and, by identification, eventually becomes what one ‘is’.  Love as a mode of existence requires no ‘others’ as objects for fulfillment or expression.  It is an independent quality with no subject, object, verb, or adjective and thus is nonlinear and unlimited.

From Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Ch. 14, pg. 253

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