The Way is Really Quite Simple

Q: What sacrifice is required?

A: The major step is the realization that there is a source of joy and happiness that is outside and beyond the ego.  Then arise curiosity and an interest in how to reach spiritual goals.  Belief arises that is then bolstered by faith and eventually by experience.  Next follows acquisition of instruction, information, and the practice of what has been learned.  By invitation, the spiritual energy increases, followed by dedication and the willingness to surrender all obstacles.  Even the decision to turn one’s life over to God brings joy and gives life a whole new meaning.  It becomes uplifting, and the greater context gives life more significance and reward.  One eventually becomes unwilling to support negativity, within or without.  This is not because it is wrong but merely futile.  Although the journey to God begins with failure and doubt, it progresses into certainty.  The way is really quite simple.

From I: Reality and Subjectivity, Ch. 18, pg.421-422

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  2. Yeah, it is very simple like E=mc2. I think the keywords are “a source of joy and happiness that is outside and beyond the ego”. But who is going to show you that “outside and beyond” if you have only the consciousness of the ego. Your senses and brain are the tools only and unfortunately leaded by the ego which does not want you for sure to look beyond and outside of that curtain. We pray to God but we even do not know if we pray to a real God or only to an image of him that has been made by our ego?

  3. Hello Janusz B – it is difficult I know, to find the way through all this madness, but I feel you left out the most important tool we have to help us go ‘outside and beyond’ and that is our heart. The heart is the most powerful tool we have and I believe we have to learn to communicate with and via that, in order to access joy and happiness beyond ego.

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