Yin/Yang Polarization

Within the hidden substrate of social dialogue is Yin/Yang polarization by unconscious gender-archetypical paradigms of the male and female principles. Meritocracy is a male principle by which performance is rewarded, as it has been earned through endeavor and self-discipline plus hard work and pragmatic application. This represents the structure of capitalism (Smith’s Wealth of Nations, cal. 440), free enterprise, and personal responsibility. Thus, rewards have to be earned by effort that produces results. This is the archetypal pattern of patriarchy.
In contrast to the above is the archetypal feminine/matriarchal principle by which all children are treated equal by virtue of their very existence. Thus, the maternal principle implies obligation to provide for the needs of all, irrespective of performance. From the maternal principle, needs can then be escalated and conceptualized as basic rights to be supplied with the necessities of survival.

2 thoughts on “Yin/Yang Polarization”

  1. Sounds like a comparison between political parties. I can see elements of Republicans in meritocracy and Democrats in Maternal provision.

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