Spiritual Progress

The true validation of spiritual truth is subjective, experiential, progressive.  It often takes the form of spontaneous discovery, subtle revelation, and emergence of a new, more expanded awareness.  This is consequent to the transition from identification with content to that of context.  A subtle satisfaction accompanies inner growth that is affirmative as a knowingness consequent to surrender, which invites Divine Grace.  These are recognized to be gifts rather than acquisitions or consequences of one’s personal efforts.  One experiences that gains have not been acquired but have been granted; thus, gratitude replaces spiritual pride or the vanity of spiritual ego that seeks to claim credit.

From Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man (HC), Ch. 10, pg. 195

8 thoughts on “Spiritual Progress”

  1. It’s funny now when I hear someone use “objectivity”. Once I learned through Doc’s teachings that All is Subjective, objectivity is merely a misunderstanding . Thanks Be to Thee Doc

  2. Dear Susan and team,
    Feeling so grateful you are continuing this ‘graced’ work.
    Do you know if Dr. Hawkins has ever calibrated Kabbalah in the lineage of Baal HaSulam? Specifically under the current Bnei Baruch umbrella – Dr. Michael Laitman? (I realize there are more than a few “Hollywood – ized” versions)
    I remember seeing the Book of Zohar calibrates around 700.
    I am wondering if current teachers in this path have fallen as have others in other paths in which the founding teacher calibrated very high, then the teaching became less ‘truthful’ as time went on.
    Thank you!

  3. Studying Dr. Hawkins ideas have illuminated a path open to all because the path is unifying. And unity brings peace through integrious acts of being: Selfless service.just being and acceptance qualifies as selfless service. Thus, one doesn’t have to do anything which would be a prescriptive method.

    1. Kindle was good, but his books on Audible is such a blessing! I have all of his books on Audible, and only one of his lectures that they offer.
      I was fortunate enough to have met Dr. Hawkins at one of his lectures in the Atlanta area. He signed a copy of my favorite book “I” Reality and Subjectivity. It amazes me how he made himself available to everyone

      Peace, Love and Light

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