A Great Opportunity

The mind will get critical and try to save face by ridiculing a higher state.  This is a golden opportunity because this is the very attitude that prevents a person from reaching that higher state of life. The very process of reading this material is invaluable, for it will reveal precisely what the blocks are and exactly why these goals are impossible at the present time.  As resistances, criticisms, and disparagements come up, we can begin surrendering them and letting them go right now in the process of reading about them.  It is a great opportunity to identify the inner blocks to fulfillment.  As Pogo said, “we have identified the enemy, and it is us.”

The Ego is Not the Real You, Part II, page, 54

3 thoughts on “A Great Opportunity”

  1. I love your title, “Live your life like a prayer!”
    Are you familiar with David Kaufman song, “I will make this Day my prayer?”

  2. Dear Susan and staff,
    More than ever there are many opportunities to surrender all that calibrates as least below 200. I know that as I do this, the positive energy finds it’s way to others. This is a motivator to “float the boat”!

    I appreciate your emails!

  3. I have purchased and read many of Dr. Hawkin’s books, and it has been an honor and beautiful path to be following.
    I would really find it helpful to connect with other students of this work. Is there a chat room or would you be able to tell me how to accomplish this?
    Thank you for all you do,
    Faith Bennett

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