Reflecting the Glory of God

All things are in a state of silent rejoicing that their consciousness is an experience of Divinity.  Unique to all things is a still, ever-present gratitude that they have been granted the gift of experiencing the presence of God. This gratitude is the form in which worship is expressed. All that is created and has existence shares in reflecting the glory of God.

The Ego is Not the Real You, Pg 83

One thought on “Reflecting the Glory of God”

  1. YES! Wonderful Wonderful. I used to come down from Ashland, OR. for Dr. Hawkins monthly talks. Also had a few private sessions. I really relate to the message above! His talks about an undefined Higher Power really guided me in my journey of 36 years with AA! Through pure grace I’m 36 years sober. Look forward to reading this book. Thanks!

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