Love is…

Love is the Ultimate Law of the Universe.” This statement calibrates at 750.  Love God with all thy heart, all thy soul and all thy mind.  You become that love and then everything happens appropriately, automatically due to what you are.  Love thy neighbor as thy self.  It is like, “How may I be of help to you, how may I comfort you, may I loan you some money when you are broke, may I help you find a job, how may I console you when you have suffered a major loss in your family.” Lovingness is a way of being in the world, and that way you light up the world.

from Book of Slides, Clarification of Slide 282, pg. 575, (slightly edited from the original source, Sept 2011 lecture)

4 thoughts on “Love is…”

  1. Thank you! I shall be purchasing it from Amazon. Wish you well Susan and All. Eternal ❤️

  2. To keep this in mind, to contemplate, to guide my heart, is a great blessing. I’m so grateful for the dear Doc and for you, Susan!

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