Humor is an expression of freedom and joyfulness, and laughter is biologically healing …. Faith, love, and joy are the high road; doom and gloom merely lead to sadness and despondency.  Self-hatred blinds awareness of the Self as a reflection of Divine Creation.

That which I am is Allness.  To realize that one already is and always has been All That Is leaves nothing to be added.

The Ego is Not the Real You, pg. 116 and pg. 177 top

3 thoughts on “Humor”

  1. Hello , I stayed in E. U since octuber, and will stay here ,I guess , a lot of years.
    Please, do you know any David Hawkins’s student study group in Houston..
    I specifically live in katy, near to Houston.
    Doc is my guide and espiritual master,. I read and meditate about his teaching every day.
    Thanks a lot for all that share from him !!!.
    “All the Glory be to thee Lord “as the doc said.

  2. Hello, Pedro,
    Please check our website and go to the tab, Study Groups. On that page, you can put in your zip code to see which study groups
    are close to you. go to:

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