Surrender Limiting Beliefs

It is often beneficial to look at some commonly held beliefs and let go of them right in the beginning, such as (1) We only deserve things through hard work, struggle, sacrifice, and effort; (2) Suffering is beneficial and good for us; (3) We don’t get anything for nothing; (4) Things that are very simple aren’t worth much.  We may also fear that if we let go of a desire for something, we won’t get it.  Surrendering some of these psychological barriers to the technique itself will allow an enjoyment of its effortlessness and ease.

Make a list of some limiting beliefs you have about success, money, relationships, or health that you would like to use to practice the letting go technique.  Journal about your insights, and practice letting go on each one of them.

From: The Letting Go Guided Journal: How to Remove Your Inner Blocks to Happiness, Love, and Success, pg. 14 – new!

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6 thoughts on “Surrender Limiting Beliefs”

  1. Love this book. Not easy to do but worth pursuing. Wish I had someone to talk to about some questions. Or it would be nice to have a small group to share with on a regular basis.

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