The Influence of Mind

The basic dictum to comprehend is that the body obeys the mind; the body tends to manifest what the mind believes.  The belief may be held consciously or unconsciously.   This dictum follows from the law of consciousness that states: We are only subject to what we hold in mind. The only power that anything has over us is the power of belief that we give it.  By “power,” we mean energy and the will to believe.

If we look at the Map of Consciousness, it’s easy to see why the mind is more powerful than the body.  The energy field of reason (calibrates at 400), with its beliefs and concepts of the mind, is more powerful than the physical body (calibrates at 200).  Thus, the body will express the beliefs held in mind, consciously or unconsciously.

Our proneness to accept negative beliefs depends on how much negativity we are holding in the first place.  A positive mind, for example, will refuse to accept negative thoughts and simply reject them as untrue for oneself.  There is a refusal to buy into commonly held negative ideas.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, Ch. 15, pg. 212-213

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  1. We need to be careful in the sence that if a belief is aligned with what is true we cannot reject it regardless of how uncomfortable it may be. To do so would be considered ignorant and would suppress the need to follow through with action.

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