The Body Will Respond to What We Believe

When a person uses the mechanism of surrender and lets go of a negative feeling, the muscle testing (method) we have described will change from weak to strong.   As negative thoughts or belief systems are surrendered, they no longer have the power to deplete our energy.

We are subject only to what we hold in mind. The body will respond to what we believe.  If we believe that a certain substance is bad for us, then it will usually test weak with muscle testing.  The same substance will make another person who believes that it is good for them strong.  What is stressful to us, therefore, is primarily subjective.  Muscle testing is responsible to unconscious belief systems as well as conscious ones.  Testing often reveals that a person unconsciously feels or believes the opposite of what they think they consciously believe they want to heal but unconsciously be attached to the payoffs of illness.  A simple muscle test reveals the truth of the matter.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, Ch. 14, pg. 207-208

7 thoughts on “The Body Will Respond to What We Believe”

  1. This notion of subjectivity cannot be an objective fact, correct? What if someone believed that a bullet in the head is good for them, to use an extreme example, they would still probably die from it.

  2. above message calibrates 950 to 999. I did not know that one’s subjective and objective consciousness could be calibrated as truth. this is something that I need to consider deeply. thank you for sharing this bright and probing thought.

  3. Where can I find how you describe the muscle testing process you refer to in the above statement? I have muscle tested before, but would like to know the method you recommend.

  4. So apt for my life right now at age 82 as my husband and celebrate 60 years of marriage this year while he copes with an unresolvable experience of the limitations of dizziness during most of his day.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Mary,
    The muscle testing method is in all of Dr. Hawkins’ books and he demonstrates it in his lectures.
    Do you have any of his books? The Letting Go book is a good one. Dr. Hawkins describes the method at the
    end of the book, Appendix B.

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