Everything is Now and Everything is Here

Everything is now, and everything is here.  The reason is that within consciousness everything is recorded forever.  Everything that ever happened is recorded forever, and it’s not filed according to past, present, or future — it’s all present right now.  Everything that ever happened is equally present right now, right here.

In an infinite universe, where is the center? The center of an infinite universe is everywhere. In an infinite time, when is now? Now is all time.  So, these are different levels of abstraction, and in the enlightened state, no such problem would be mentalized because it’s not seen as a problem.  There’s only the awareness of awareness of awareness.  I think of it more in terms of aesthetics and shifting your brain function from left-brain, linear, logical, sequential, volitional thinking to more right-brain appreciation.  When you are walking through the beautiful woods and you can hear the birds singing and the beautiful flowers from the spring, you’re not thinking with your left brain.  You’re just into appreciation, aesthetics.

The understanding of spiritual realities is increased by aesthetics.

Beautiful music, dance, paintings, cathedrals – beauty is intrinsic to celebrating divinity.

New! In the World but not of It, pg. 41-42

6 thoughts on “Everything is Now and Everything is Here”

  1. agreed. aesthetics, the good, the true, the beautiful, bring us into proximity of the Divine. beautiful music that was created to celebrate an appreciation for the highest values of mankind and of natural surroundings appeals greatly to me and I assume to all other sensitive people.

  2. Beautiful music, dance, paintings, cathedrals – beauty is intrinsic to celebrating divinity.
    So well said! Indeed that’s what spirituality is all about!

  3. What David Hawkins says reverberates in the body. It’s the sound of Truth which we need to hear often.

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