All Spiritual Progress is a Gift

How Can One Prevent the Development of a Spiritual Ego? Each success seems like it would feed into it.

Realize that there is no such entity as the doer of deeds or actions. There is no doer/self to take blame or credit.Ā  Progress is the result of a quality of consciousness that has been activated by the assent of the spiritual will. Spiritual inspiration becomes the energy that is operating. It does not emanate from the ego/self.

The Self, like the divinity of God, does not ‘do’ anything, nor does it ‘act’ or ‘perform’ or ‘intend’ or ‘choose’, for it is beyond all volition.Ā  The manifestation of God as Existence is void of conditions or positionalities.Ā  The purity of Divinity is beyond comprehension by the ego because the ego is limited by form and always assumes a duality of subject and object.

That which is the Ultimate nonlinear Reality is not divisible and is beyond the subject/object duality of the ego’s conceptions based on positionality.Ā  All spiritual progress is a gift, and humble gratitude precludes pride.

“I” Reality and Subjectivity, 2003, Ch. 19, pg. 338-339

2 thoughts on “All Spiritual Progress is a Gift”

  1. Progress is a result of spiritual will. The change happens within the Newtonian paradigm of causality; this is the play on the atoms of our physical world. Magnetized by the spiritual, ethereal existence, the veil of ignorance is progressively dissolved. Glory in Excelsis Deo is the only appropriate response.

  2. Like the last line. Spiritual understanding unfolds in tandem with one’s intensity and development of faith.

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