Everything is in a Stage of Enfoldment

In the Nonduality of awareness, even sequence no longer occurs, and awareness, replaces experiencing.  There is no longer the experience of “moments,” as there is only a continuous Now.  Movement appears as slow motion, as though suspended outside of time.  Nothing is imperfect.  Nothing actually moves or changes; no events actually take place.  Instead of sequence, there is the observation that everything is in a stage of unfoldment, and that all form is only a transitional epiphenomenon created by perception and the observational habits of mental activity.

In Reality all comes into being as an expression of the infinite potentiality of the universe. Evolving states are the consequences of conditions but are not caused by them.  Conditions account for appearances, and the phenomenon as change is really the result of an arbitrary point of observation.

The Ego is Not the Real You, pg. 109

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