Everything is in a Stage of Enfoldment

In the Nonduality of awareness, even sequence no longer occurs, and awareness, replaces experiencing.  There is no longer the experience of “moments,” as there is only a continuous Now.  Movement appears as slow motion, as though suspended outside of time.  Nothing is imperfect.  Nothing actually moves or changes; no events actually take place.  Instead of sequence, there is the observation that everything is in a stage of unfoldment, and that all form is only a transitional epiphenomenon created by perception and the observational habits of mental activity.

In Reality all comes into being as an expression of the infinite potentiality of the universe. Evolving states are the consequences of conditions but are not caused by them.  Conditions account for appearances, and the phenomenon as change is really the result of an arbitrary point of observation.

The Ego is Not the Real You, pg. 109

14 thoughts on “Everything is in a Stage of Enfoldment”

  1. It is such a strange stage of Beingness when you stop experiencing and just become aware. At first you feelthe loss of the juice you use to get from experiencing. But then there is a real connection through understanding as you observe the unfolding of everything around you. You know instead of feel. At first it seems to be such a boring state until you find the beauty of Love in everything. Thanks for sharing! Doc had such an ability to explain things in totality and completeness. What a blessing he and Susan’s teachings are and always will be…

  2. If everything is in unfoldment, doesn’t that imply change (movement)? How can a flower unfold unless its petals release and descend? Time itself is an illusion, yes, so in an eternity of heavenly bliss, there is only Beingness–nothing to unfold unto or become. 🙂

  3. Hi Everyone,
    I love this work! Thanks so much for giving us pieces, Susan.
    I wonder if someone can explain to me – “Evolving states are the consequences of conditions, but are not caused by them.”

  4. Thank you Susan and all @Veritas Pub!
    It is so beautiful how you have kept the community connected.
    Love and Blessings today~

  5. Thank you Susan for sharing these thoughts and quotes in this blog. I find as I get notifications of them they so often mirror my journey and serve as wonderful lessons and guidance. Thank you for your commitment to sharing Doc’s and your work. Forever Grateful ❤️

  6. Doc often spoke on this. “Nothing causes anything,” he would say. It was important to him that we all get over the idea of cause and effect, as if things were separate (as balls on a billiard table). Release the idea of one thing causes another. Rather, all things that seem to happen are merely consequences within the infinite field of potentiality. Literally everything that is now is the preparation for the next unfoldment of everything. Literally everything contributes to each unfoldment. Literally everything that is present now is the consequence of the karmic propensity of all things immediately prior. And literally everything that is present now is the karmic propensity for the unfoldment to follow. I do hope I did this justice. Blessings be!

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