That Which is the Ultimate…

and eternal transcends both objectivity and subjectivity and is beyond awareness.  It is referred to in the ancient spiritual literature as “the Supreme Spirit.” Out of the Supreme arises all that is manifest and unmanifest; all consciousness and awareness; all existence; All That Is; either form or non-form; all that is linear and all that is nonlinear; all that arises out of creation; all possibility and actuality.  The Supreme is beyond existence or nonexistence; beyond beingness or is-ness; beyond all Gods, heavens, or spiritual forms; beyond all names or definitions; beyond all divinities and spiritual denotations. It is out of the Godhead that Divinity arises, and out of the Supreme arises the Godhead.

The Ego is Not the Real You, pg. 80

7 thoughts on “That Which is the Ultimate…”

  1. My inner vision has pretty much never gotten beyond the Godhead (God), although I could feel that there must be more beyond God. This is the first time I’ve read or heard about the Supreme as described by Dr. Hawkins. What amazing vision he shared with us! Now I wonder what lies beyond the Supreme. Is Infinity truly boundless? I suspect it is. We finite humans will never be certain, but it makes sense to me.

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