Letting Go of Resisting

The letting go of resisting is so effective because resistance traps us into a certain state of consciousness; resistance is within.Ā  Fear is a negative energy that calibrates at 100 and traps us in the field.Ā  We cannot get beyond it so we become the victim of our own fears unless we own that we are the source of them. As long as we rationalize and say that the source of fear is ‘out there’, we cannot overcome it.Ā  Once we begin to own that we are the experiencer, that we are the one who sets up the way in which we experience things, then we become the one who is master of the situation.Ā  Our self-esteem becomes affected.Ā  We are no longer the one who is the victim or subject to fear.Ā  We are something other than the fear.Ā  Fear is nothing but an experience in consciousness, and we no longer have to give it reality by labeling it as a fear of something, which can be an endless process.

Healing and Recovery, ch. 9, pg. 277

6 thoughts on “Letting Go of Resisting”

  1. Thatā€™s an excellent quote. Iā€™m going to have to re-read Healing and Recovery!

  2. I choose to be with this and see it differently thank you! Very grateful for these nuggets that guide me on my way to freedom and Joy, mahalo!

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