The Importance of a Sense of Humor

I’ve also touched on the importance of a sense of humor.Ā  I think this is extremely important, as important as any of the other things in life, like love and gratitude and solemnity.Ā  Humor has a healing effect among people.Ā  It points out the ambiguities in life, and it points out very often the ambiguity between the content and the context and how you sort of see the two end up really the opposite.Ā  Humor also has a way of connecting people and helping them put aside differences through a new perspective or mindset.Ā  People have written books on how they recovered from grave illnesses by just employing nothing but humor.Ā  Laughter releases endorphins in the brain and releases stress, among other major health benefits.

In the World but Not of It: pg. 48-49

7 thoughts on “The Importance of a Sense of Humor”

  1. I like this brief message on humor. I would have loved to read more, however, I ordered the recent publication from which the excerpt was taken. Doc certainly had humor as a close companion. He also had a very deep, infectious laugh! He was not shy about sharing his laugh nor self-conscious that humor might not be seen as “appropriate” of a psychiatrist! Say it isn’t so!

    Susan, you are 630 on the Map. Rejoice, dear!

  2. So true Docā€¦Iā€™d have been toast a long time ago without a sense of humor.

  3. David inspired me to focus on humor. having a strong French accent gives me the opportunity to easily dispense humor. It changes the tone of a meeting that does not need to be dramatic. Thank you, David.

  4. I love this, it’s why my social media is filled with Dad Jokes and silly memes. I know that laughing helps people re-contextualise difficulties

  5. “Doc, what’s your advice for success in old age? “He said, 1. Trust women’s intuition. 2. Always choose peace. 3. And don’t fart in public!” From “Life with Doc” p. 143

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