The Process of Self-Healing

What is the process of Self-Healing? What are the consciousness techniques we can apply to bring about a reversal of dis-ease?  We begin by letting go of resisting the sensations we are experiencing, and we stop labeling them…

Steps for Self-Healing

To put it simply, the consciousness technique of radical truth has these five steps in healing a particular illness:

  1.  Letting Go of resisting the sensory experience of it.
  2. No longer putting names or labels on it.
  3. Using no words at all in the welcoming of the experience of the inner sensations.
  4. Canceling the mental label, thought form, and belief system, and replacing it with the truth:  I no longer believe in that.  I am an infinite being, and I am not subject to that.  I am only subject to what I hold in mind.
  5. Choosing the energy field of Love, which heals.

The Map of Consciousness Explained: pg. 145-146

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  1. Wonderful treatment! BTW your latest publication regarding being in the world but not of it has one error, a homonym error, probably due to AI’s speech-to-text feature. At the top of one page, the word “piece” should be “peace.” Oh well…otherwise, an excellent read and what I perceive to be your publishing future: turning the video series of lectures into books! Great! Go for it, hon.

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