We Become Strong by Supporting Strength

We cannot become strong by catering to human weakness.  We become strong by supporting strength.  We become dynamic when we support the aliveness of others.  We become beautiful when we support the beauty of life.  If we are truly coming from the heart, we don’t have to worry about success.  The world will love us, be loyal to us, support us, and forgive us all kinds of mistakes.  If we treat all of our customers like royalty, surprisingly we will find ourselves living a rather royal life.

Daily Reflections from Dr. David R. Hawkins: 365 Contemplations on Surrender, Healing, and Consciousness pg. 139

3 thoughts on “We Become Strong by Supporting Strength”

  1. In gratitude that Truth is so simple, when we choose to support strength, beauty and aliveness in others, we create vibrancy aligned with that of Divinity in all. Mahalo nui for continuing to share these nuggets of truth that inspires my heart.

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