The Purpose of Human Life

In my view, the purpose of human life is to serve God, to serve humanity, and to serve yourself; to be a channel of God’s will for the good of all of mankind, as well as your own evolution.¬† After all, you are part of mankind, so don’t leave yourself out.

It isn’t you versus mankind; you are part of mankind.¬† So, in serving mankind, you serve yourself as well.¬† The purpose of human life, then if that’s what it is, is then the fulfillment of one’s destiny – and you fulfill that by service to yourself, God, and fellow man.¬† Love now becomes a quality instead of an emotion.¬† You see people think of love: “Oh Babe, you can’t see how I love you.” Love is a way of defining one’s own reality.¬† It’s equality. It’s because of lovingness that you step over the black beetle because you appreciate the gift of life – because love is valuable.¬† Love of quality, the essence, and the good.¬† And all of this, as we said earlier, affects how you see and experience the world.

from: In the World But Not of It, pg. 66