Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice in ordinary life in many ways is actually the most favorable and beneficial approach. (This statement calibrates as true.) It is a common observation that it is one thing to be pure and holy in an isolated, safe place, but another to remain committed in the world of endless temptations and confrontations.

Spiritual progress occurs in stages.Ā  In the beginning, one learns of spiritual realitites and studies them.Ā  Then come practice and application of the teachings in every aspect life, and eventually one becomes the teachings.Ā  By dedication, one’s life becomes the prayer.Ā  By devotion, commitment, and practice, spiritual concepts become experiential realities. (As one advanced student said, “How can I forgive my enemies when I no longer have any?”)

Reality, Spirituality, & Modern Man, 2008, Ch. 19, pg. 353-354

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