A Focus for Contemplation

It is rewarding to choose a spiritual lesson or concept for the day that serves as a focus for contemplation. This is a way of contextualizing the entire day and its experiences. For instance, one can select Unity’s Daily Prayer, a lesson from A Course of Miracles, a step from the twelve-step program, a Psalm, or a basic spiritual premise, such as surrender, humility, or the letting go of control or the desire for gain. When done repeatedly over a period of time, it becomes incorporated into one’s personality and attentional set by which one automatically becomes benevolent, loving towards all life in all of its expressions, and aware of the perfection and beauty of every moment.
With incorporation into daily life, a spiritual practice an take the form of the continuous surrendering of volition, which then emerges into autonomous witnessing and effortless observation. These capacities will then be discovered to be qualities of consciousness, and not personal.

Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man, Ch. 19, pg. 354-355