Love emanates from the heart.  When we are in the presence of people who love each other, we pick up on that energy.  The love of our loved ones, pets, and friends is the love of Divinity for us. Each moment is possible only because of love.  Being surrounded by the energy field of love brings gratitude.  We are thankful for our life and for all the miracles of life.

Think about your life now, and contemplate all that you’ve been given.  Write down what you are grateful for, regardless of how small or insignificant it seems.

The Letting Go Guided Journal, pg. 73

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With Acceptance

In the state of acceptance, there is the feeling that nothing needs to be changed.  This is different from resignation, where there are still residuals of the previous emotion left.  There is reluctance and a delaying of the true recognition of the facts.  Resignation says, ” I don’t like it, but I have to put up with it.”

With acceptance, resistance to the true nature of the facts has been relinquished; thus, one of the signs of acceptance is serenity.  With acceptance, the struggle is over and life begins anew.  This consciousness level is one that we all long to achieve, for it enables us to find freedom from most of life’s problems and to experience fulfillment and happiness.  Here, the source of love is seen to be within ourselves, emanating from our own nature and reaching out to include others.  Our lovingness radiates out naturally from the essence of our being, because many of the blocks to its awareness have been surrendered.

We discover that this lovingness is our nature, and it is what the great teachers mean by our true essence, our true Self.  It is the aim of our Self to transcend the ego, that composite of all our negative feelings, programs, and thoughts, so that we are able to experience the inner essential nature.

The Letting Go Guided Journal: How to Remove Your Inner Blocks to Happiness, Love, and Success. pg. 76 – New!

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Use the Energy of Anger Positively

It is common for people to repress their anger, aggression, and hostility; they view anger as unpleasant, undignified, and even as a moral failure or spiritual setback.  They do not realize that repressed anger is nonetheless the energy of anger and, if not acknowledged and worked through, it will have deleterious consequences to their health and overall progress.

A helpful approach is to view the energy of anger positively and to use it to fire up your ambitions and actions in a useful way.  Think of a relationship or situation either past or present that is causing you to feel angry and resentful.  Write down how this energy of anger can be focused in a positive way, toward achieving a goal or project.  For example: The energy of anger spurred me to wash the kitchen floor, which I had been putting off.

Letting Go Guided Journal: How to Remove Your Inner Blocks to Happiness, Love, and Success, pg. 56 – New!

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Surrender Limiting Beliefs

It is often beneficial to look at some commonly held beliefs and let go of them right in the beginning, such as (1) We only deserve things through hard work, struggle, sacrifice, and effort; (2) Suffering is beneficial and good for us; (3) We don’t get anything for nothing; (4) Things that are very simple aren’t worth much.  We may also fear that if we let go of a desire for something, we won’t get it.  Surrendering some of these psychological barriers to the technique itself will allow an enjoyment of its effortlessness and ease.

Make a list of some limiting beliefs you have about success, money, relationships, or health that you would like to use to practice the letting go technique.  Journal about your insights, and practice letting go on each one of them.

From: The Letting Go Guided Journal: How to Remove Your Inner Blocks to Happiness, Love, and Success, pg. 14 – new!

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We Become Strong By Supporting Strength.

We cannot become strong by catering to human weakness.  We become strong by supporting strength.  We become dynamic when we support the aliveness of others.  We become great when we support the greatness of others.  We become beautiful when we support the beauty of life.  If we are truly coming from the heart, we don’t have to worry about success.  The world will love us, be loyal to us, support us and forgive us all kinds of mistakes.  If we treat all of our customers like royalty, surprisingly we will find ourselves living a rather royal life.

Daily Reflections from Dr. David R. Hawkins, pg. 139

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