The Process of Self-Healing

What is the process of Self-Healing? What are the consciousness techniques we can apply to bring about a reversal of dis-ease?  We begin by letting go of resisting the sensations we are experiencing, and we stop labeling them…

Steps for Self-Healing

To put it simply, the consciousness technique of radical truth has these five steps in healing a particular illness:

  1.  Letting Go of resisting the sensory experience of it.
  2. No longer putting names or labels on it.
  3. Using no words at all in the welcoming of the experience of the inner sensations.
  4. Canceling the mental label, thought form, and belief system, and replacing it with the truth:  I no longer believe in that.  I am an infinite being, and I am not subject to that.  I am only subject to what I hold in mind.
  5. Choosing the energy field of Love, which heals.

The Map of Consciousness Explained: pg. 145-146

If the World is Emerging by Virtue of the Presence of God,

…whose nature is said to be Love, then why do bad things happen to good people?

A: “Good” or “bad” is your perception.  Adversity can actually be seen as a gift.  Many cancer survivors will tell you, “It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” Divinity is omniscient and you are not.  Your perception is not Reality.  What you perceive as “unfair” might just be the means of liberation.  What you’re wanting to know is whether there is intrinsic justice in the world and whether happenings in the world emerge justly and fairly.  Yes, they do.  Human life is karmically fair, completely and totally.  Everyone is steering their own canoe.

As Love is the Ultimate Law of the Universe (statement calibrates at 750), each person is born into the circumstances of maximal spiritual benefit.

The Map of Consciousness Explained, Ch. 3, pg. 125-126

Positive Feelings Related to Work

These are always felt as pleasant and include such feelings as joy, happiness and security.  They instigate a process of thinking and ideation that is exemplified by the thoughts “I can” and “We can,” regardless of the event, situation, or problem in which the person is involved.

Positive feelings flow naturally when negative feelings are not in action.  Nothing needs to be done to acquire positive feelings, as they are part and parcel of our natural state.  This positive inner state is always there, and it is merely covered over by suppressed negative feelings.

When the clouds are removed, the sun shines forth.  The freeing up of abilities, creative ideas, talents, and resourcefulness occurs automatically as a result of the positive state of mind that ensues when the negative aspects have been surrendered.  Letting go of negativity frees up inspiration to create an endless flow of creative ideas.

...It is as if the energy field of creative genius is available and waiting for us as soon as we surrender the cloud of negativity that prevent its revelation to us.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender: pg. 286-287

The Importance of a Sense of Humor

I’ve also touched on the importance of a sense of humor.  I think this is extremely important, as important as any of the other things in life, like love and gratitude and solemnity.  Humor has a healing effect among people.  It points out the ambiguities in life, and it points out very often the ambiguity between the content and the context and how you sort of see the two end up really the opposite.  Humor also has a way of connecting people and helping them put aside differences through a new perspective or mindset.  People have written books on how they recovered from grave illnesses by just employing nothing but humor.  Laughter releases endorphins in the brain and releases stress, among other major health benefits.

In the World but Not of It: pg. 48-49

That Which We Truly Cherish

and revere is protected by our own reverence.  If we tell somebody that we do something because we get enjoyment out of it, there is nothing much they can say about it, is there?  If we infer that we do it because we are right in doing it, we will instantly see their hackles go up because they, also, have an opinion on what is right.

Our values are our preferences.  We hold them because we love them, enjoy them, and get pleasure from them.  If we hold them in that context, we will be left in peace to enjoy them.

If we look at opinions, we will see that they are a dime a dozen.  We become much less vulnerable if we put our thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, which are all opinions, into a different context.  We can view them as ideas that we like or dislike.  We can see that it is primarily our emotions that are giving them any value in the first place.  If we don’t take a prideful stance about our opinions, then we’re at liberty to change them.

The Letting Go Guided Journal: How to Remove Your Inner Blocks to Happiness, Love, and Success pg. 62

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